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Like many other great success stories, Wainright’s Sausage started from humble beginnings. Sometime in the early 1930's, a small-town, South Georgia farmer by the name of Will Wainright started butchering livestock, making smoked sausage and curing hams and bacon for family and friends. It didn't take long for this hobby to turn into a full-time endeavor. Will’s sons grew up learning the trade and recipe. These early years led to their first meat processing plant consisting of low ceilings and sawdust floors. In 1968, Will passed away, but the legacy that had began was carried on by his son Wilson and his wife Ruth working side by side.



A new facility was opened in 1971 and continued to grow.  Eventually, Wilson and Ruth’s son, Troy, who grew up learning the trade would join the family business—further solidifying the family tradition. After years of being a state inspected facility, Wainright and Son became a USDA inspected operation in 2017. 

Today, Wainright and Son is still located on the family farm located in Nahunta, Georgia- a place where hospitality is still a southern tradition. A pillar in the community, Wainright Sausage is still going strong! Wainright’s offers meat processing for local customers as well as many from neighboring states. We hope you get the chance to try some of our sausage that is made with Papa Will’s original recipe!

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